China Banking Regulatory Commission issues maximum fine for insurance

On March 18, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued an announcement of administrative penalty decisions Nos. 1 to 3 of 2020. China, as the PICC, infringed the policyholder's rights and interests in the consumption environment was severely punished. The cooperative agricultural bank and the Postal Savings Bank developed social insurance companies Business staff violated the rules and were found to have many research issues, so they were also punished.

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Three banking and insurance institutions were fined 6.18 million yuan for infringing consumers' rights and interests, of which 3.38 million yuan was fined by China Life Insurance Company and its 6 home appliance sales centers and 15 relevant persons in charge. It is the largest insurance institution since the establishment of the CBRC in 2018. Ticket:
Cheat the policyholder
In 2020, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a ticket to No. 1 domestic insurance giant-China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. According to the China Banking Regulatory Commission's press conference, the People's Insurance Company of China will find some suspected of violating the law during the special inspection of consumers' rights to banks and insurance institutions.
According to investigations, from January 2017 to June 2018, some social insurance policies sold by the People's Insurance Company of China in Hebei, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, and Guangdong through the sales channels were deceptive to the policyholders, such as propaganda that did not conform to the facts. Therefore, we PICC was found to manage the existence of a telephone network sales income insurance market business information to deceive policyholders.
The “1 million autopilot dual insurance” products sold by PICC through Alipay faced “non-accidental death / total disability” on the product sales page. The description of the insurance liability was not stipulated in the terms of the insurance contract, “accidental hospitalization subsidy” The insurance liability is only a one-sided description, which is inconsistent with the terms of the insurance contract. The full refund is described as "5% interest paid on premiums." There is a problem of false publicity. It is also considered as fraudulent insurance for online sales insurance business ..
The punishment decision shows that the PICC still does not use the record premium rate.
Its "Mother Le Children's Hospitalization Insurance for Children with Illness" sold by Alipay is developed by PICC Life Insurance. Students can safely incur accidental social insurance (main insurance) and students can be insured with regular life insurance (paragraph A). (Paragraph A). Students form a combined effect of 3 additional insurances for hospitalization medical endowment insurance for Ping An Disease (Parameter A). The total premium is 200 yuan, and the insurance period is 1 year.
Among them, student safety accidental injury medical insurance (A) additional insurance quoted at 68 yuan, according to the original insurance regulatory commission rate of this type of insurance, the reported insurance fee should be 5.3 yuan (with social insurance), 5.88 yuan (without social insurance), and the actual cost More than 10.5 times ...
In addition, PICC also provides insurance business, providing preparation of false reports, documents and information. According to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission survey, part of the PICC customer information data is untrue. The core business system and customer visits to the insurance customer phone system will eventually lead to inconsistent return visits, non-registered insurance calls to my mobile phone and other issues; some involve Backtracking the false management of the business, there is a salesperson of PICC Life Insurance, a bank agency business can record video back problems, but he said that commercial companies must pay a certain fee to the bank; the personal medical claims data submitted by PICC in 2017 is not True, in case of missing data, on-site extraction of notices of non-compliance issues.
In response to the above-mentioned illegal and criminal acts, the People's Insurance of China argued that each of the above-mentioned violations is a branch development issue. The head office is responsible for the construction of the corporate system and culture, and the branch is mainly responsible for the actual implementation. The branch's violations should not be attributed to the head office. Our various violations, the company initiated investigations and reforms, and some social issues, such as retroactive business risk management, have sent letters to cooperative learning banks before entering the site to request rectification work, and the company or individual has no subjective intentions and belongs to relevant technical personnel in China The inability to understand the system, the improper operation, the imperfect system design functions, and the ever-expanding market demand have led to the inability to ensure that all customers provide information processing data and other objective factors. Electricity sales and online sales violations belong to the same illegal behavior. Request the CBRC to relieve, reduce or exempt the punishment.
After review by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, it was decided to impose a fine of RMB 1.35 million on the People's Insurance Company of China. The person in charge and 15 related persons in charge including the person in charge of the relevant telemarketing center gave warnings and the total fine was 1.23 million yuan ..
According to the inspection results of the special interests of the People's Insurance Company of China, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a notice recently requesting banks and insurance institutions to carry out telemarketing, online security, dating self-examination and self-environment aspects. Confusion is corrected.
Analysts from the social insurance industry told China Traditional News and Information Weekly that large insurance companies can directly receive a ticket from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, which is the first time in the history of development. Even in the original China Insurance Regulatory Commission, it was rare and directly operated on the China Insurance , Passed the determination of the regulatory authorities to rectify the chaos in the insurance market, and the insurance company where it was located also received a notice of self-inspection by the students.
China Newsweek found that in recent years, since the merger of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission in 2018, strict supervision measures have been taken on the chaos in the insurance industry. After 2017, regulators launched a series of regulatory initiatives aimed at regulating the insurance industry.
In 2018, insurance regulators launched chaotic rectification actions in the areas of insurance companies, funds, products and sales management. Statistics show that in 2018, the 1,450 Zhanghang Zheng punishment decision announced by the national insurance regulatory system accumulated on the official website was 241 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than double the year-end total.
On April 2, 2019, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a design plan for the management of chaos in the insurance intermediary service market in 2019. It opened up information intermediary channels for various social insurance companies, and began to compact the insurance company's responsibility for the management and control of intermediary channels. , Investigate the compliance of insurance intermediary organizations and rectify the insurance business of the third-party logistics network insurance product sales data platform.
The PICC exposed the sales of telephone sales, online sales, and Alipay's third-party platform.
The official website of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission of China Bank revealed that the insurance industry is still in a state of chaos. Not only are insurance companies, but China Taiping Qinghai Branch recently suffered from the problem of false information compilation, and it is also prone to a fine of 120,000 yuan. , The sales staff also fined 30,000 yuan and so on.
Bank insurance channel loopholes
What deserves our attention is that the research on PICC ’s infringement of consumer rights is not exclusively completed. The cooperative learning units of its bancassurance sales companies were also found to have these problems. Both banks and financial institutions are national prefixes.
China Postal Savings Bank received the administrative penalty number of China Postal Savings Bank. In February 2020, the Agricultural Bank of China received the ticket number. 3. Both were fined and seriously injured due to the inadequate retrospective system for insurance sales.
In recent years, it is still strictly traceable management supervision of the insurance industry. The "Insurance Sales Act can be traced back to the Interim Measures" promulgated in July 2017. In August 2018, the “Notice on Strengthening and Improving Insurance Services” issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission called for strict implementation of “Sale practices can be replayed, important information can be found, liability issues can be confirmed,” regulatory requirements, and sales behavior can be traced back. System, and practical implementation.
According to the retrospective system for the sales of social insurance products, information on key sales tasks during the sales development process of insurance companies and historical personal data modification requires us to establish a financial management system. Industry analysis said that through the retrospective management of key links in the insurance market sales, it can effectively avoid the chaos of insurance sales, and promote insurance companies and insurance intermediary service agencies to operate in compliance with laws and regulations, while providing evidence for insurance disputes and solving consumer protection. Difficulty in proving and obtaining evidence at work.
Agricultural Bank of China and China Post Bank, which cooperated with the People's Insurance Company of China, were also reviewed for a number of issues, both of which were punished for failing to implement the People's Insurance sales tracing system.
After investigation, China's Agricultural Bank, which represents China's insurance business, does not exist. The sales activities can be traced back to the system. The implementation is not in place, and the basic management has not been in place. Some of them can be traced back to the video quality inspection results. The prudent operating rules of Anyang County, Henan Branch, Gongyi City, Pingdingshan, China Zhanhe Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, can be traced back to the act of false agency business.
The above-mentioned behaviors have seriously infringed on the basic information rights of consumers in our country, including the right to know, and have harmed the social consumers in conducting legitimate business rights and interests. Therefore, China as the Agricultural Bank was fined a total of 2 million yuan, of which China Agricultural Bank was fined 500,000 yuan, and three branches were fined a total of 1.5 million yuan.
The China Insurance Business represented by the Postal Savings Bank has a sales practice with inadequate implementation of the system. The implementation of the system has been delayed. The retrospective video has not been passed to the insurance company or is missing. The unqualified business with high quality inspection accounts for a relatively high number of illegal and prudent operating rules. The sales staff of the bank's Jiangsu Rudong County branch promised fixed income from dividend insurance products to deceive policyholders ..
This kind of behavior seriously violates the consumers 'right to know and damages the basic rights of consumers' legitimate rights and interests. It is decided that the Postal Savings Bank has a total of 80 trillion yuan, of which a fine of $ 500,000 was imposed by China and Jiangsu Post Savings Bank such as Dongzhi Road. A fine of less than 300,000 yuan.
According to the punishment decision issued by the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, negligent management and implementation of national policies have become one of the main reasons for China's punishment as the Agricultural Bank of China and the Postal Savings Bank.
The CBRC said in its punishment to the Agricultural Bank of China that the retroactive insurance sales system will begin on November 1, 2017. Agricultural Bank of China revised and issued the "Agricultural Bank of China Online Sales Zone and Audio and Video Management Measures" in November 2017, but there are almost no clear requirements for traceability related to insurance business. It was revised in September 2018 and improved insurance Key aspects of business marketing, audio and video data retention time, etc ..
At the same time, the Agricultural Bank of China is not going to return the insurance sales system to the implementation of performance appraisal, and develop a unified approach to the head office. Agricultural Bank of China's QC results of insurance sales are inadequate in interaction with insurance companies. Their insurance business entrustment can be traced back by the Agricultural Bank of China based on the quality of their work. The picture quality effect is returned from the provincial branch to the cooperation of the insurance company. Lack of order.
From January to October 2018, in the insurance market business of the People's Insurance Company of China as the Agricultural Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China can conduct a random check of 2814 quality inspections and 184 unqualified ones, of which 151 were qualified after supplementary registration, and 33 failed in the end. However, the results of the random inspection showed that only 1976 cases had feedback the results of quality inspection analysis to the People's Insurance of China, and some traceable video quality inspection management results were not fed back to Social Insurance Co., Ltd.
And the Postal Savings Bank even appeared to have traceable videos that were not passed on to the PICC or disappeared. After investigation, from January to October 2018, the China People ’s Insurance business represented by Postal Savings Bank, the 10164 retrospective video should be quality inspected by PICC Life but not transmitted to PICC. In the untransmitted video, there are currently 4700 pieces of data stored on the provincial platform. , Did not send to the head office audio and video data retrieval and transmission platform, 5464 business provincial platforms did not find the corresponding double-recorded data through the production pipeline ..
Postal Savings Bank of China People's Insurance Agency Insurance, the total quality of China Life Insurance was 60,226, and its final failed quality inspection was 59,083. The quality inspection failed rate was as high as 98.1%; the good part was only 1,143, including qualified makeup 566.
Analysts in the society pointed out that the two head banks were mainly punished for the insurance product sales management business, both because the implementation of the legal system related to insurance development was not in place, and the sales thinking of the traditional banking and insurance channels in China was not changed. The insurance, banking and financial institutions involved have all been held accountable and punished, again confirming the strict policy orientation of the insurance industry, and the responsible persons and company executives have also become a focus of regulatory attention.